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1. Besides the financial returns, what are the other benefits of investing in your business?


  • When you invest in a small business, you often get benefits that go beyond purely financial returns. These vary depending on the particular investment and business but they often include፡-
  • Being the first listed benefiter in the future plans of the company.
  • Taking part in a historical investment program that changes the technological history of the country.
  • We will provide you a discount package on the services we provide.
  • You will be able to tell your friends and colleagues that you are an investor in a business company that they are being served with.
  • Being part of the community of investors with similar values.
  • Being the shareholder of a company that has a vision of changing the future of this country.
  • Fulfilling your social responsibility by investing your money on a problem solving investment program that can change the life style of your fellow citizens.
2.Why is now the right time to start the company?


  • Timing is essential to every successful company. If your startup is way ahead of its time, you might not get enough traction. This is the time that transportation is a critical issue in our country and this problem needs to be solved in a way that can benefit the majority of our citizens. Therefore, Hibret capital has finally decided to start its investment by providing its first very own project which is Smart X, that is a technology company offering service in the transportation industry from ride sharing to a brand new technology. This has been the perfect timing for Hibret capital to provide its investment program “Smart X” because of the high rising inflation rate that is quickly plus strongly affecting our society as well as our continent, so Smart X has made its mission to be a problem solver to its fellow citizens that are suffering the consequences.
3. Why is your team uniquely capable of executing the plan?


  • Investors invest in people, not businesses. To build confidence, we show our fellow investors what our team members are capable of and their professionalism. It starts with the brand that our team has built for the company and the marketing strategy that they implement in order to make Hibret’s future successful.
4.How did you come up with your business idea?


  • Hibret capital always wishes to see a better, comfortable and affordable investment company in Ethiopia. This business idea was first simply a good wish but as it was thought thoroughly Hibret was able to see that it can be possible plus helpful for the society that is suffering. Hibret believes that Africa doesn’t deserve the suffering because she has many wonderful and compressed treasures that can be applied to bring a successful outcome for the continent.
05. What do you expect from an investor besides money?


  • Hibret provides different services that are problem solving as well as life changing to our fellow citizens. The first reason is that it guarantees its shareholders as well as customer’s profitability, ownership and sustainable future. In addition, the business can ease the majority of our citizen’s life and because of this the investment program that Hibret has provided will have many customers that believe it could change things for them.
6. Does the team understand its market?


  • Yes, our team perfectly understands its target market. In addition to that the team has conducted a research on the potential audiences it wants to serve and has a clear market path on where it has planned to settle its project. Moreover, it has its plan ready for the upcoming challenges that it might face both internally and externally.

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