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Project one: [Smart-X]

Project one: [Smart-X]

Project one: [Smart-X]


About us


Smart X is a technology company that offers service in the transportation industry from ride sharing to a brand new technology. Smart x is working on achieving its goals with partners like Hibret capital; which is an investment company, Investor’s café; helping as a media partner and Smart Marketing and Branding building up a legendary brand that empowers it.


Smart-X is one of the investment programs of Hibret capital that provides a solution for the alleviating problem of transportation in our society. It all started when Hibret was in the journey of identifying a problem solving investment program that benefits the current situation as well as the future of our country. Transportation is still a critical issue in our society, although there had been different options that were presented they haven’t been able to benefit the society in a fair way, there always had to be one that is treated unfairly. So, Smart-X has come to the community with a better solution that makes transportation affordable and available as much as possible. It has envisioned seeing our country having a better and modern transportation system that makes the lives of our fellow citizens easier.


Our first step is to launch the company to the public by spreading awareness about the overall idea behind Smart X, which is transportation investment. The next step will be launching our application to provide services to our drivers and customers and along with the service being successfully provided, our shareholders will be able to save large amount of money from their previous ride cost from using our service plus receive dividend from the company’s profit. It has made its objective to empower ride drivers by making them partial owners of the business.


Smart X benefits both of the participants in the transportation system, the driver selling his/her service and the customer that buys it. It hardly believes that the system must be fair for both parties, moreover they should both benefit in the industry, the customer should not be worried about wasting his/her time plus money due to the lack of affordable and available transportation system and the driver also has to be able to profit from serving the community. Beyond making the current system fair as well as affordable, Smart X has another vision in the long run which is introducing a new transportation technology that is more reasonably priced and eco-friendly. 

We believe that we can change the rising problem of our community with a little help as well as support for our fellow citizens, we believe as the saying suggests “Unity is beauty” and as we try to solve our problems in a united way we can get our cure as soon and as effective as possible. This is the message we want to transfer to this generation, we have to stand together to identify and defy our problems as a community in order to see a modern developed Ethiopia.


{Own it;   Fair and square}


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